Classification of CNC machine tools

2022-08-12 09:56

Classification of CNC machine tools

CNC lathe is characterized by high machining accuracy and good product quality stability; High production efficiency; High degree of automation and low labor intensity; Complex control and high maintenance cost. CNC lathes are generally used for parts with high precision and mass production. The structural design of CNC machine tool is determined by the necessary measures and the characteristics of electromechanical combination. Firstly, the ball screw nut mechanism and various clearance eliminating structures are introduced in the structure to minimize the error of mechanical transmission; Secondly, the software precision compensation technology is adopted to further reduce the mechanical error; The third is to control the machining by program, which reduces the influence of human factors on the machining accuracy. These measures not only ensure high machining accuracy, but also maintain high quality stability. What is the classification of CNC machine tools?

1、 CNC machine tools are classified by processing technology:

(1) General CNC machine tools. This type of machine tool is the same as the traditional general-purpose machine tool. There are CNC turning, milling, boring, drilling, grinding machines, etc., and there are many varieties of each type. For example, the CNC milling machine includes vertical milling, horizontal milling, tool milling, gantry milling, etc. The technological possibility of this type of machine tool is similar to that of general-purpose machine tools, except that it can process parts with complex shapes.

(2) Multi coordinate CNC machine tool. Some parts with complex shapes can not be processed by three-coordinate CNC machine tools, such as the processing of propeller and aircraft surface parts, which require the combined movement of more than three coordinates to produce the required shape. Therefore, multi coordinate numerical control machine tools appear, which are characterized by the large number of axes controlled by the numerical control device and the complex structure of the machine tool. The number of coordinate axes usually depends on the process requirements of the processing parts. Now commonly used are 4, 5, 6 coordinate CNC machine tools.

(3) CNC machining center machine tool. This kind of machine tool is developed on the basis of general CNC machine tool. It is a kind of CNC machine tool with automatic tool changing device (also known as multi process CNC machine tool or boring and milling machining center, commonly referred to as machining center), which is formed by adding a tool magazine (which can accommodate more than 10-100 tools) and an automatic tool changing device to the general CNC machine tool. This makes the CNC machine tool further develop towards automation and efficiency.

The difference between the CNC machining center machine tool and the general CNC machine tool is that after the workpiece is clamped once, the CNC device can control the machine tool to automatically change the tool, and continuously complete the multi process processing of milling (turning), boring, drilling, reaming and tapping on each processing surface of the workpiece. Most of these machines are mainly boring and milling machines, which are mainly used to process box parts. Compared with general CNC machine tools, it has the following advantages:

① Reduce the number of machine tools to facilitate management. For parts with multiple processes, only one machine tool can complete all processing and reduce the inventory of semi-finished products;

② Since the workpiece is only clamped once, the positioning error caused by multiple installation is reduced, and the machining quality can be guaranteed by the accuracy of the machine tool;

③ The process is centralized, reducing the auxiliary time and improving the productivity;

④ Since the parts can be processed in multiple processes by one clamping on one machine tool, the number of special tools and fixtures is greatly reduced, and the production preparation time is further shortened.

Because CNC machining center has many advantages and is popular with users, it plays an important role in the production of CNC machine tools.

In addition, there is a kind of machining center, which is developed on the basis of lathe, and takes shaft parts as the main machining object. In addition to turning and boring, it can also be used for drilling, milling and tapping of any part on the end face and peripheral surface. This type of machining center is also equipped with a tool magazine, which can install 4-12 tools. It is customary to call this type of machine tool a turning center (TC).

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